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Canarm Unity Natvent

Call for Price

The Unity NATVENT controller offers a wide range of capabilities at a very competitive price.

  • Controls 4 curtains
  • Controls 2 on/off fans or heaters (10 amp, 115/230v) with cycle timer option
  • Supports 5 temperature probes,1 outdoor (option)
  • Curtain timers accurate to 1 second
  • Limit curtain openings in winter without having to adjust actuator limit switches
  • Automatic curtain timer adjustment for sudden temperature changes
  • Manual curtain movement with latching and automatic calibration
  • High and low temperature records
  • One page summary and LED indicators for curtains and on/off stage activity
  • High and low alarm settings option
  • Has variable speed triac control and 0-10V outputs if required
  • Easily updatable via USB and that you can upload existing programs onto new Unity’s to cut down on the initial setup time
  • Can handle a humidity sensor


  • LCD Display
  • Weather station option to automatically adjust curtains when windy and/or rainy. Takes into consideration the direction of the wind or rain
  • 16 and 24 output versions
  • Expansion solutions with slave units
  • Novel sun override
  • Ability to control other functions like fans, lighting, foggers/misters
  • Winter mode enables seasonal control strategies
Unity Natvent
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