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Farm king Hay Tools - Square Bale Carrier

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Time. There’s never enough when there’s work to be done. Farm King has a variety of hay and forage tools designed to make your life easier and to help you capitalize on one of your farm’s most important commodities: time.

Farm King has been building bale carriers for more than 10 years and has extensively tested these machines on farms across North America. Heavy-duty construction means these bale carriers are rugged yet affordable, with efficient operation and easy maintenance.

The 4480 Square Bale Carrier picks, hauls and stacks eight 48" x 48" bales or can double row twenty 32" x 34" x 96" bales, and features a host of new innovations and technology designed to increase efficiency and minimize bale damage.
Smart design, smooth operation
With years of on-farm testing and refinements the 4480 Square Bale Carrier has been tested and refined and offers simplified operation and an intuitive display. The core functions of the bale carrier are managed using a simple hand-held control. The 4480 Square Bale Carrier is designed to follow the same path as the baler. Most functions, powered by one set of tractor hydraulic outlets, are operated using the hand-held control. To initiate the sequence, press the “Start” button when the bale is within the grab arm of the carrier. The grab arm squeezes the sides of the bale then gently lifts the bale off the ground. When the arm reaches a preset height, it rotates 90 degrees and sets the bale on the carrier deck. The arm then returns to the neutral or “Home” position.

Gentle and powerful
After bales are lifted onto the deck a pusher, powered by two hydraulic motors moves the bales rearward. If the pusher senses resistance from a heavier-than-average bale during regular operation, it automatically shifts to ‘low’ for five seconds to provide more power to push the bale. If the bale will not move, a sensor sends a message to the monitor to alert the operator. The sensor on the pusher motor counts revolutions to efficiently measure the pushback distance.

Less stress, less breakage
The beams on the carrier deck have been covered with a special graphite coating that allows the bales to slide with minimal effort. The chain that powers the pusher is recessed beneath the beams so the weight of the bale is never resting fully on the chain, minimizing bale stress and limiting the chance of string breakage. An optional 2-row stabilizer kit is available for double-stacked bales.

Stacking made easy
The heavy-duty undercarriage and double tandem walking beam axles reinforce stability and structural integrity. Unloading is quick and easy thanks to the innovative design of the carrier. The rear deck tilts backward, resting the back half of the load on the ground. Move the carrier forward and return the tilt deck to the neutral position. Push the remaining bales to the back of the carrier and repeat the process.

The bales are stacked in tight rows. The strings are not touching the ground, which prevents prolonged exposure to surface moisture. As settling occurs, the bales rest together in a structurally sound stack.
Model 4480
Capacity GVW 37,440 lb (16,983 kg)
48" x 48" (122 x 122 cm) bales: 8, single row on carrier, stacked 4 high unloaded
32" x 35" (81 x 90 cm) bales: 20, double row on carrier, stacked 5 high unloaded
36" x 48" (91 x 122 cm) bales: 16, double row on carrier, stacked 4 high unloaded
Tractor requirements 100 hp (75 kW) at 16,700 lb (7,575 kg)
Maximum recommended transport speed when loaded is 20 mph (32 km/hr)
Control In cab control for complete manual and automatic operation. Includes hand-held control for convenient operation
Hand held remote control 12VDC, 15 amp circuit
Hydraulics Tractor: one double acting remote valve required
Lift: one, 4" DIA x 18" stroke cylinder
Squeeze: one, 3" DIA x 16" stroke cylinder
Rotate: one, 3" DIA x 16" stroke cylinder
Tilt: two, 3.5" DIA x 36" stroke cylinder
Pusher: two, 22.2 cu. in hydraulic motors
Tires 8, 12.5L x 15FI tires, load range F, intermittent unloaded highway
Tires, capacity 4,680 lb (2,130 kg) at 90 PSI inflation
Tires, hub 6 bolt with twine guard
Tires, wheel Heavy-duty implement style
Deck length 34' (10.4 m)
Overall length 42.66' (13 m)
Transportation width 10.16' (3.1 m)
Shipping weight 9,485 lb (4,302 kg)


Square Bale Carrier
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