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Patz 800 Series II Single Screw Stationary TMR Vertical Mixers

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800 Series II Single Screw Stationary TMR Vertical Mixers
The proof is in the mix!
  • Consistent TMR from start to finish, regardless of batch size
  • Incorporate a wider variety of ingredients, including round or square bales!
  • Tru Taper™ cone-top screw mixes quickly without compromising feed quality, resulting in a palatable, well blended ration minimizes sorting by livestock
  • Scale system accurately measures ingredients per your nutritionist’s recipe for optimum herd health and production
  • Fast discharge with superior cleanout
  • Minimize feed waste – stretch your ingredients further!
  • Simple design engineered with few moving parts for long life, low maintenance, and trouble free operation

SEEING IS BELIEVING!  Contact your local Patz Vertical Mixer Dealer for a demo.

Mixer Capacity Capacity with Extension Max. Load Capacity Height Width Length Horsepower Requirements
270 Low Profile Stationary 270 ft3
(7.6 m3)
335 ft3
(9.5 m3)
6750 lbs
(3062 kg)
84 7⁄? in.
(2.2 m)
103 5/8 in.
(2.7 m)
132 1⁄? in.
(3.4 m)
(2) 7 1/2 or
(2) 10 HP or
(1) 15 HP or
(1) 20 HP
350 Stationary 350 ft3
(9.9 m3)
425 ft3
(12 m3)
8750 lbs
(3969 kg)
90 ?⁄? in.
(2.3 m)
112 3/4 in.
(2.9 m)
146 5⁄? in.
(3.7 m)
(1) 25 HP or
(1) 30 HP or
(1) 40 HP or
(1) 50 HP


 Standard Features and Options
Top Guard
Unit includes top guard which meets ASABE® safety standards. Top guard is designed to prevent inadvertent entry to the mixing chamber from above.
Rectangular Base
Rectangular base with offset leg design provides installation flexibility. Mount drive package on front or rear of mixer base.
RAPTOR™ Knives
Engineered to complement our standard knives, the Patented RAPTOR™ knife features a forward-facing design to dig in, hook, & cut bales faster and more aggressively. Built to last with AR steel, the RAPTOR™ knife is ideal for high-hay rations including large round or square bales and/or baleage. RAPTOR™ knives should be used in the first two or three slots from the top of the screw down, depending on knife formation. Available for all Patz Vertical TMR Mixer Series. Choice of three knife sizes. Contact your local Patz Vertical Mixer Dealer for details.
Tru Taper™ Screw
Welded steel Tru Taper™ cone-top screw with 1/2" (13 mm) thick fliting. Laser cut holes to accept knives. Dual kicker screw design increases discharge output and speeds up cleanout. Unique design of steel screw provides quick, thorough mixing and even discharge of ration.

Reinforced top ring with 3/8” (9.5 mm) steel provides extra strength and protection from damage while loading! Laser cut holes align top safety guard and 7 gauge steel side extensions.
Electronic scale system
3-point electronic scale system uses 2-1/8” ND diameter weigh bars for accurate, reliable weighing of ingredients.
5-year prorated planetary gearbox warranty.
Restrictors are located on front left and right rear of tub. Adjust in or out as desired or use high or low pivot to control the flow of forages inside. Longer forages can be processed faster by setting restrictors farther in.
Optional Tub Mounted Magnet*

Encased in stainless steel, this magnet is mounted into the Patz Vertical Mixer tub wall on a hinged assembly for effective removal of tramp metal from rations.

Exclusive to Patz! This tub mounted magnet is Patent Pending - it must only be installed on Patz Vertical Mixers. Factory and field installation is available on all Patz Stationary, Trailer, and Truck Mount Vertical TMR Mixers.

*Patent Pending.


800 Series II Single Screw Stationary TMR Vertical Mixers
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